What is ASCE Conference?

ASCE Conference

ASCE Conference is an event held every spring throughout 18 different sections of the nation. Florida International University belongs to the Southeastern Conference section. As a chapter, we get to travel to the host school (2020 will be hosted by UCF) and compete in many activities. The activities included in this event are:

  • Professional/Technical Presentations
  • National Competitions
    • Concrete Canoe Race/Display
    • Blue Sky
    • UESI Surveying
    • Innovation Contest
    • Professional Paper
    • GeoWall Challenge
    • Sustainable Solutions
  • Regional Competitions
    • Concrete Cornhole
    • Plan Reading
    • Concrete/Steel Golf
  • Spirit Competitions
    • T – Shirt Competition
    • Visual Display
    • Mystery Competition
    • Scavenger Hunt
    • Tug of War
  • Social Activities
  • An Awards Banquet